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Company History

   Infinite Pro Wrestling started in February 2016 under the name of 302 Pro Wrestling.  During this time, the company ran shows in Felton, DE.  In December 2017, the owner reached out to a management team to take the promotion to the next level. 

  April 2017,  302 Pro Wrestling, L.L.C. was formed, as the previous owner sold all property to the management team, creating a traveling company.  The company has held events on Dover Air Force Base, Dewey Beach (on the sand), New Castle, Camden, and Harrington. 

   January 2018, the entrepreneurs started to realize that the company was rapidly expanding, as WV, VA, and NC decided they wanted to join in the revolution of Infinite Pro Wrestling; thus forcing the name change from 302 Pro Wrestling to Infinite Pro Wrestling. 

   On February 10, 2018, the company officially added Infinite Pro Wrestling under the umbrella of 302 Pro Wrestling, L.L.C., while still maintaining all rights to 302 Pro Wrestling.

   In 2018, the Veteran-owned 302 Pro Wrestling, L.L.C. will be holding shows under the Infinite Pro Wrestling banner in DE, WV, and OH.  2019 will see other states being added.  Several top names in the industry are knocking on the door to compete for IPW. 2018 alone has seen, Ron Simmons, Chase Owens, Michael Elgin, and Brian Cage! WWE Hall of Fame inductee Ron Simmons is quoted by saying, "Infinite Pro Wrestling is going places and they understand the business".  


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